Diana and Branndon, A Gilbert Temple Wedding

"In all of living, have much fun and laughter." Diana and Branndon certainly do well at that. Life happens when we are making other plans but from his first awestruck moment of meeting her through the thousands of small feelings of ease and comfort, they have found joy with each other. They chose a destination wedding in Arizona surrounded by a ton of family and friends including Branndons 2 young daughters that Diana adores. They love spending time outdoors together and their kindness to each other is so evident. It was a joy getting to know them and their joy and happiness was ever present! 

Jeannie and Matt, A Desert Anniversary Session

      Let me introduce you to Jeannie and Matt. They are our neighbors. The kind of neighbors that you can borrow an egg from at 2 am. The kind of neighbors that will make you think twice about ever moving. They are huge advocates of adoption and owners of Elegant Farmhouse Designs. They recently took a break from their farmhouse table rentals for weddings and we headed to the desert for an anniversary shoot!  

Cybill and Tyler

         This California girl ended and started her New Year by marrying her Arizona native small town country boy. All they do is laugh and have fun together. Sometimes it was hard to get a serious picture when they are so full of JOY! The one thing Cybill asked for was to hike to the top of a mountain IN HER WEDDING DRESS to get scenic desert pictures! After they were married in the Phoenix Temple, everyone headed to Wickenburg to celebrate. Cybill and Tyler were a joy to get to know and I know they will have a lifetime of laughter!

Ceremony: Phoenix Temple
Brides Dress Shop: Marys Bridal
Decor: AZ Wedding Decor

Rachel and Steven, A Desert Anniversary Session

        When I originally met with them to talk about their wedding, one of the things Rachel mentioned was an engagement session. There was so much going on for them during that time that it never happened. But she didn't forget. And neither did Steven. So when their First Anniversary came up Steven wanted to give that to her. Enter the anniversary session! Steven surprised her with meeting up to give her that engagement session Rachel never got! In the last year since they got married, Steven is living his dream job and together they have done a lot of traveling! I'm so glad that I have been a part and I will never forget Rachel & Steven!