Alex and Ivan, A Grand Canyon Wedding

         "We are gathered here today at the edge of this beautiful, giant and seemingly endless gaping throw two of our favorite people, Alex and Ivan, over the edge--and into an even more majestic and important gaping hole that some... decided to institutionalize and call marriage.

         Ivan, Alex, you two could not be more ready for this wide open, giant, gaping, step in your lives... My Two Favorite Texans-- hearts of gold, dachshunds of the many shades of---dachshund, and so many other meaningful adjectives, descriptions, memories and inside jokes that comprise a proper wedding ceremony. 

         You met each other in high school--although only Alex remembers that part... let me rephrase. They had Gym Class at the same time. Alex used to watch Ivan from afar in a totally uncreepy way while he did push-ups and jumping jacks and-- just a freshly born bead of sweat would glisten just enough off of his forehead to catch Alex's gaze as the drop slowly descended-- 

          Sorry. They met in high school." 

          Ivan's college best friend, Andrew, became ordained specially to perform their wedding ceremony. Immediately, we all knew he was going to make this moment light-hearted and enjoyable! And their entire weekend was like that! 40 of their closest friends and family flew in from Texas. They eased into their weeding weekend by staying in Sedona. Grandeur Point was the perfect spot for these two. The entire wedding party hiked the 1.6 miles from the South Rim to the spot where they would vow to be each others forever. A few minutes to grab some husband and wife pictures, and these two walked hand in hand the 1.6 miles where they were all transported back to Sedona. Wedding dinner waiting upon their arrival, it was the perfect no-stress, low-key wedding that perfectly suited them!

Location: Grandeur Point, South Rim, Grand Canyon
Brides Dress: Top, BHLDN
                          Skirt, Nordstrom
Brides Shoes: DSW
Grooms Suit: Mens Wearhouse 
Florist: Sedona Mountain High
Rings: Diamonds Direct
Getting Ready Location: Airbnb, Sedona

Francisca and Rob, An Arizona Spring Desert Wedding

          It is understood that relationships require understanding and sometimes sacrifice. Rarely does a wedding require sacrifice from the start. When she flew from Chile last year to visit family, she never dreamed her life was about to take a crazy turn. While at church, she was introduced to someone that, for him, was love at first sight. They dated for the few months that she was here but eventually she had to go back to Chile. Last summer, Rob flew to Chile to not let her get away and they knew they were in love. In December, Francisca came back to the US to visit family and early into the new year they knew they never wanted to be apart again. The sacrifice part? With an April wedding, and all her family in Chile, very few were going to be able to make that trip. But in order to satisfy immigration, sacrifice was required. Understanding what all this meant, Rob was sensitive to her needs and doing everything possible to give her the wedding she dreamed of. While Francisca's mother, aunt, and brother were the only ones able to make the trip, the brides father was not. The plan was that Francisca would do the father-daughter dance with her little brother. When it came time Francisca was on the dance floor looking for her brother and could not find him. At that moment, her Tio (uncle) walked onto the dance floor with his phone held out. He had Skype'd in her dad. He held her tenderly just like her dad would have done and Francisca held the phone and danced with her dad from over 5,000 miles away. There was not a dry eye. Francisca and Rob have already navigated the waters of marital sacrifice. I hope they have this season in their marriage to relax and enjoy being newlyweds!

First Look: Coons Bluff
Ceremony: Gilbert Temple
Ring Ceremony & Reception: private backyard
Makeup: Monica Smith
Hair: Kelsey Ohlhauser
Rings: Kay Jewelers
Florals: Erica Scott Designs
Cake: Kathy Doucette
Decor: For A Perfect Day
Tables: Elegant Farmhouse Designs
DJ: DJ Ron
Caterer: Julia's Mesquite Mexican Grill
Photographer: Andrea Brewster Photography
Videographer: Megan Sessions

Elegant Farmhouse Wedding Tables

     We have the best neighbors. Ever. The kind of neighbors that make you reconsider ever moving because you know you'll never find neighbors like them again. Meet Jeannie and Matt Boschma of Elegant Farmhouse Tables. It has been a dream of theirs for years to own a business together that plays to their strengths: her love of people and business and his talent with carpentry. This business plan has been on a slow simmer for a long time and it has been so fun watching and listening to their ideas and business grow! But today I am sooo excited to announce that they are officially accepting contracts for farmhouse table rentals for the Fall 2017 wedding season! In addition to guest tables, they also have adorable sweetheart, gift, and sign-in tables. Trivia: Did you know they had a custom branding iron made and each handcrafted, custom made piece is branded underneath? Besides checking out their brand spanking new website, Elegant Farmhouse Designs, go give them a follow on Instagram @elegant.farmhouse.designs. And now for the fun part. A styled shoot with one of their tables as the guest of honor. A huge thank you to the girls at The Paseo for letting us use their venue!