Ashelly and Spencer, A Winter Gilbert Temple Wedding

           They met at a friends ping pong party who was home briefly from Hawaii. The first thing Ashelly heard Spencer say was how manly his (younger) brother was and she was confused if he was trying to set them up! One of his favorite memories is their first date. They both admit it was less than perfect with a small does of awful. But Spencer said he loved how much she saw past that. She loves that she doesn't feel the need to be InstaPerfect and is comfortable with keeping it real. Her favorite memory was the stress she felt trying to write a paper for finals and he just sat with her and scratched her back. She remembers how safe she felt. It still took her awhile to agree to be "official" but they are so perfectly matched. How do I know that? Because I've known Spencer and his family more more than half of his life! More than once he saw eye rolling from me from the shenanigans that he and Christopher (One of my boys and one of the groomsmen. See if you can pick him out.) pulled! I've seen him grow up and now I've seen him choose Ashelly and choose well! Their day was so joyful and surrounded by those who have loving and serving hearts! We love you Spencer and Ashelly and wish you were closer!! 

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