Sarah & Frank At Mt Calvary Lutheran Church [Phoenix Wedding Photographer]

             Sarah and Frank are a couple who did not get caught up in the wedding details. Looking back I'm surprised they didn't elope. My friend Kelli asked me to help out on this one. She and I were in school together and were fortunate enough to have Scott Lizama for our classes. I have always felt I've been surrounded by people who have pushed me to become a better photographer. Scott taught me the importance of studying the classics and masters such as Lange, Adams, Weston, and one of my personal favorites Paul Strand. Studying them and learning from Scott, helped me see photography more as art form. But more importantly, he taught me to trust my instincts. So, thanks Kelli. Thanks Scott. And to Sarah and Frank: here is some art of your very own.  

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. I read your first post about being nervous about doing a website, you did a great job and you picked a design that really accents all of your beautiful work. I'm glad you are local, we'll be calling you for a shoot!
Shelbie Garner
Gilbert, AZ

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