The Happiest Place On Earth

       That was in no way meant to offend Disney fanatics. But at the Brewster home, New Hampshire is our little happy thought. We have not forced this love on our children. We have always given them a choice: a trip to Disneyland or New Hampshire. Unanimously it is NH every time. (I will probably get many emails about how wrong this is.) Recently we went without the kids. Combining my two obsessions (NH and shutter finger) was a rather euphoric thought for me. I have long had a dream of publishing a book called, 50 Sunsets. Just a coffee table book of fabulous sunsets from each state. I'm sure someone will take this idea, publish it, and go out of print before I ever get around to it. But I did get some sunset shots. This trip was a learning experience for me. I learned that my husband is at his relax-est there (and that is a word because he is a relaxed kinda dude anyway). And smiles. Alot! I learned you can go through a few pounds of mussels at dinner. I also learned that I was not destined to be a wildlife photographer. National Geographic will be disappointed I'm sure, but portrait work remains my calling. Finally, I learned that no matter how many times you visit a place it is impossible to walk away from a quaint, little New England town and not get those cliche shots. 


And one more sunset shot to end with.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!Makes me want to take a trip to the east coast.These are beautiful.

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