Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

      June 2, 1995. The day we were married. 15 years ago. 15 years, wow! It seems like ages ago, a lifetime away. We now have 3 beautiful, respectful, sons. Since so many of you that follow this blog didn't know us then, I thought it might be fun to go back in time a little bit. We were married at the LDS Mesa Temple. Luncheon at Matta's. Reception at the San Marcos Sheraton (now the San Marcos Crowne Plaza). Flowers by Fred's Flowers. Photography by Dwight Smith Photography. I really appreciate Dwight giving me permission to use his images so I can share this with you. His images are so much better in print than what I could get here. Thank him by visiting his website. There's a secret message in one of the images see if you can find it.

So what did we do to celebrate?
We started out having dinner at the Stockyards Restaurant.  

The gentlemen sitting behind us knew it was our anniversary. But he still photobombed us anyway.

We drove up to Cottonwood and spent the night. The next morning we walked around Montezumas Castle. 

I only took this next image because it was a  'Night At The Museum' moment, which our boys watch regularly. 

We drove around Jerome and then went to Clarkdale and rode the Verde Canyon Railroad. Just a couple of suggestions: leave the kiddos at home and pop for the 1st class tickets. It's worth it. 

And since I put one up of Jonathan I guess it's only fair I put one up of me.

At the halfway mark, the engines get unhitched and are brought to the other end for the journey back.

We checked out Tuzigoot National Monument and then drove to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

(I'm considering doing a day in Sedona for family portraits in the fall. Drop me a line if that interests you.) Here's to another 15 years. 

Happy Anniversary, babe!


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