Cooking With Dad

        We have made some changes recently as to how we do dinner. I need to give all the kudos to The Food Nanny. I've made some adaptions that work for our family and we are into week 3. (A little back story: I make my boys shower every night. And I mean EVERY night. And EVERY night it was an argument as to who had to get into the shower first. So we have a shower rotation list. And for some strange reason EVERYONE hates to be in the first to shower spot.)  Along with our dinner themes, we have a Cooking With Mom night and a Cooking With Dad night. With CWM, I decide what we're making and they assist. It is a little more basic to teach the boys general dinners. CWD serves the creative side. "Making up" dinners and being creative with different things they can do with food. I'm sure in the Cooking With Dad vs Cooking With Mom game, dad will win. We use the shower rotation to decide who gets be be dinner helper for the week. It kind of makes up for being forced to be the first to shower. But in the meantime dinner has been saved! 

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