The Usual Chaos [Phoenix Family Photographer]

        I thought I'd share with you some of the usual chaos that went on around our house this last month. 

Ryan earned his Arrow of Light Rank in Cub Scouts. Certain things don't come easy for our 
Ry-guy, so we are extremely proud of him on this achievement. 

Andrew had a busy month. He started it off with the flu and missed a whole week of school. Even Jedi's get sick. 

He made the cut to participate in the school spelling bee. He was a cool cat with all those people watching.

And he had his first strings concert.

Christopher started his month off with getting his braces off!!! It's been almost 4 years and he couldn't have been more excited. He was so good with good brushing and wearing his bands.

You might ask why I put this next happening under Christopher. Well, it's because I'm pretty confident simply being a teenager qualified it. I was thorough with our investigation... I do watch CSI. 

The footprint evidence:

And that wraps up the month for us. We are spending some good quality time in New Hampshire and will be back next month.

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