Jonathan, Scene Two [Phoenix Photographer]

    I have never laughed so hard. This was one of the funnest sessions ever!  Remember this guy? I mentioned there was a part 2, but his parents surprised him with a book of collection of images for Christmas. So I had to keep quiet. Here's the back story: The Mesquite High Drama Club has this banana suit. The banana suit gets passed from drama club president to drama club president to... you get the idea. So when we discussed his senior session, I thought the Hale Theatre was the perfect place for it. Then he mentions the banana suit. I just couldn't see that in the theatre, but I could see it in a grocery store! Our local Fresh & Easy and Fry's Marketplace were more than accommodating and we provided free entertainment for the shoppers who were lucky enough to witness the production. I can't decide if this is more of a dramatic or humorous piece!

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