𝄞 We Are The Champions 𝄞 [Phoenix Photographer]

               Doesn't that make you want to sing that song by Queen? It's almost time for spring sports so I thought I would share a recent happening in our family. My nephew plays football and this last season their team made it to the championship game! I had to pull some strings (read: I asked begged my brother, one of the coaches) to be down on the sideline with my camera. It was rather exciting being right there with all the action.... kind of like how I feel with a wedding. I don't think these boys want their beloved sport of football talked about in comparison with a wedding, so I'll move on. They ended up taking 2nd place but their greatest accomplishment was a clean game and being proud of how they conducted themselves. That life lesson will long outlast a trophy! Now if I can only figure out how to pull those same strings for great lacrosse pictures!

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