To Be, Or Not To Be

    We all have "to do" lists. But what about having a "to be" list? Warning: "to be" takes much more effort and it will be difficult to check off your list. At the risk of exposing myself, here is a case in point. 

     Somehow, I fooled a great number of people into thinking I am extremely organized and on top of it all. I am a laundry psycho... but I am not so great at getting all that daggum laundry actually folded.  I "do" my best, but I would always like "to be" better at it. In order "to be" better at something, you will need "to do" those things that will, in the end, make you better at it. So, go ahead and laugh at my pile of unfolded laundry that admittedly, looks like something from a Dr. Suess story....  and then go make your "to be" list!


Anonymous said...

If you leave laundry in a pile long enough it will breed on its own. It happens at my house weekly:)

Michelle W.

Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear I am not the only one with this pesky little problem!

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