Hell Froze Over & Pigs Fly & A Contest! [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

             I am NOT a dog person. I'm not even an animal person.... at all. I'm actually quite afraid of dogs. On top of that, I am a type A, germ-a-phobic, control freak. Not the most conducive environment for me and a canine. About once a year, for the last hundred years it seems, we think about a breed of dog that might be able to coexist with me. The kids once again become disappointed and let me know that they are somehow not having a normal childhood and I am the cause of that. Here was my list of keywords that had to be on the applicant's resume: 
1) Low smell. I cannot tolerate that horrible dog smell. Seriously. There is nothing worse.
2) Dog breath. Combine dog breath with dog smell and your resume will be tossed out.
3) Short hair. I don't have time for a non-human that needs more hair maintenance than me. Add to that the shed factor. 
4) Intelligent. An organized, well-behaved dog is a must. Intelligence will assist with the on- the- job training. 
5) Small. No prejudices here, but I need to not be intimidated in my own home. 
6) Looks. Let's face it, looks are part of the job description.

The last several weeks it finally occurred to me maybe a beagle might be a good fit. Since they are of the hunting breed, they are low scent as to not tip off their prey. They are definitely intelligent with short hair. We also found a special doggy, minty, mouthwash. Bred with a Jack Russell terrier and we have a guaranteed dog of the small size with lots of good traits. Check. Check. Check. Last on the list was #6. Looks. As Heybabe and I went to the puppy store, I told him, "it has to be super adorable from the first look or deal is off." We went by ourselves as I couldn't hear the cries of disappointed children if it didn't work out..... again. Three hours in a private room asking every possible question you could think of and we somehow became first time puppy parents! (On a side note: I truly admire people who can do the rescue, shelter thing. But with my reservations, we needed a little more hand-holding with what we were getting. And going straight to a breeder was not an option financially.) We called the boys to tell them to close the blinds and stand at the front door and when we ring the doorbell their Christmas present would be there. Pure speechlessness.... and emotion.... and happiness abounded, followed by cheers of 'the best Christmas ever!' I was suddenly the best mom in the world. 
So here's the contest part: His name. (Yep, another boy!) Guess his name for a $10 iTunes card!  (If it's already been shared with you, please refrain. That wouldn't be a contest, that would be who can say it first. Thanks for understanding my one simple contest rule.)

And onto is his first official portrait...  with a couple of extra images thrown in to show off all his cuteness!

Welcome to the family, insert name here!!!

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Kristen Lawrence said...

The pictures are priceless!!! And so is your story!!! Congratulations on your new family member!!! If you have any dog/puppy questions or dillemmas...let me know. Ive been an animal behaviorist, breeder, dog fancier for over 20 yrs. I found your blog on AZPPA. Im hoping to come to the convention, and start coming to the monthly meetings.

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