Friday Files Vol 2 [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

         Forgotten: No, this is not from the Super-moon. I was at one of the boys' lacrosse practice and saw the moon peek over the horizon. Wishing I had my gear in the car, I remembered I thought I had a camera with a lens in the back. Hmmm.... long exposure. No tripod. Bugger. Yes I did this; dragged a Town of Gilbert trash can over and used that. The best gear is the gear you've got! Personally, I would have preferred to not have the palm tree in the image, but I think it helps with perspective.

        Feeling Grateful: For great doctors and once again, clean floors!

5D MarkII
70-200 2.8 @ 150mm
ISO 100, 5.6, 1/4 sec

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