Friday Files Vol 5 [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

Flip Through: One of these books. Not me. One of my son' friends was concerned that he was no going to read enough over the summer. She graciously loaned him 3 books to choose from. So sweet. I'm trying to push the 'Being Sixteen' chic book:)

For real: I wore a skirt. Around the house. And cleaned in it. Twice. I was not trying to channel June Cleaver. Promise. It's not as bad as you would think.

Far: My boys. One enjoyed Cub Scout Day Camp this week. This is his final year, so he is one of the " Webelos that gets to do cooler things." Another one left today for camping and hiking in water up by Roosevelt Lake to do some repelling. The third one just got back from a high adventure trip to Moab that involved some serious mountain biking, white river rafting, and a boys sense of invincibility. He only almost died 2 times! 

Happy Friday!

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