Books Vol 3 [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

       I've read another 3 books, so world wide web, it's time for 3 more reviews:

Roanoke by Lee Miller: I'm a sucker for anything history based. You think I would naturally want to read a broad range of books. Not me. Even my kids at school are required to read so many non-fiction books before they can go back to fiction and chapter books. It's a weakness. Oh yes, Roanoke. Okay. This was such a different perspective to write and read a book. We all know what happened to the Roanoke settlers so I was intrigued that there could be a book that thick about it. It's told as if it were going to be prosecuted as a murder case! She goes all CSI! The author systematically goes through each character involved in the failed settlement.. and some characters you have never heard of.  It becomes a sort of mystery with so many who-dun-its. She uses what is actually happening socially and politically in both England and America as supporting details. By the end, I was convinced she could have won her case in court! 

The Story of Ireland by Neil Hegerty: I've never met a history book I didn't like. Seriously. Until now. It was almost painful. Dry. Dry is the word that comes to mind. It read like a textbook.... with NO pictures. I was determined to not give up on it but half-way through I gave in. I just couldn't do it anymore. On the upside it did explain how things really were as far as landowners and inheriting property and the rules that go with it. Ya know where I'm going with this don't cha?: Downton Abbey. I now understand the entail!

and finally, Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore: Clever. Not in a made up way, because it's a true story. A rich art dealer and a homeless black man. I don't want to give too much away, but it brought forward how blacks in the deep south were still enslaved well into the 20th century. It's not a book I would read over and over, but it is definitely a great read!

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