El Tour de Tucson [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

          My Hunky Boyfriend used to bike. Quite a bit. He has taken it back up again and the results are one very fit husband! The Tour de Tucson is one of the biggest road bike races in the country! Teams come from all over including the Intel team and Europe! With the different events there were over 10,000 entrants. There are several different categories and he chose the 60.2 mile race! He dedicated 8 months of some very tough training. Because of the early start time he went down with his team the night before. He knew the kids and I were coming down the next morning to be there at the finish line but we wanted to surprise him somewhere along the way. I studied the map and guessed where the half-way mark might be and crossed my fingers. I couldn't believe it but we found the half-way relief station! We just had to sit tight and hope we could catch him. 

  And we did!!! If you look close at the second picture you can see a smile on his face as we cheered for him! Then it was the rush to downtown to find a parking spot and catch him at the finish line.

Finish line! 

Yes, World Wide Web, I'm showing a blurry image. In the group shot above, we couldn't see that he was there until he was right at us. It was literally raise and shoot. 

He finished in 3 hours 19 minutes. Official results had him at 3:17 with an average speed of 18.3mph! That's fast in case you were wondering.

Several massage schools and companies were on hand to to help the riders muscles from tightening up and reduce lactic acid. 

2 of his best buddies. 

Official results: My super awesome fabulous amazing Hunky Boyfriend finished 301 out of over 1700 entrants!  I didn't care what his finish was... I couldn't be more proud of his accomplishment!
             Next up he will be training for the Tour de Mesa. It's a 70 mile.... through Usery Pass!!! I can feel the thighs burning already! 

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