Landscapes in Prescott, Arizona [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photographer]

        I'll admit that there are some areas of photography that are not my strengths. Nature and landscapes went into that category. I've always attended the annual Fall Fest, but when I was put on a committee to help plan our annual AZPPA Fall Fest, I knew I was going to have to get a little out my element. Collen Miniuk_Sperry from Arizona Highways Magazine was the keynote. I've had other Arizona Highways experiences and have even attended one with Colleen before and knew the amazing teacher that she was! Each year the Fall Fest is held in another part of Arizona that as Phoenicians, we may not get to photograph. This year was Watson Lake  in  Prescott. 

This is not dried out desert dirt. It is actually an inlet from the lake that gets no movement. This is water covered by who knows what and is still as can be. I loved the texture and strong light versus shadow. 

Self- portrait. 

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