Lori & Nate [Mesa, Gilbert Wedding Photography]

                            They met at a church activity. He cooked for her on one of their first dates. He spoils her rotten and always seems to know she needs help before she asks. She thought it was cool that he creates software programs for games and asked for her to help test them. He loves that he has been involved in the planning of their wedding and she loves that she always has her doors opened for her. But they both love their Volkswagen Jetta's and I love love love how they wanted to incorporate that into their engagement pictures! It's a great way to not just tell who they are, but show who they are as well! More than their Jetta's, they just love being in each others arms! 


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Heather Smith said...

So cute Andrea! Love them all! Cool place wherever it was that you took the bridge and porch pics!

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