Victoria and Mitchell, A Fall Engagement Session

      They met on the first day of college. She happened to be at his apartment helping a friend move in when he showed up. Within their first conversation she had told him to finish his celery. From that point on she broke him of his shy, awkward shell and to live and enjoy every moment of life. He says she has the 3C's: creativity, curiosity, and confidence. She says she's marrying Bob the Builder: task oriented, rule follower, and optimistic. Her family roots tie her to Chile where Mitchell lived for 2 years. I go way back with Victoria's family. And I knew before we even started taking pictures that Victoria and Mitchell would be completely natural in front of the camera. I was right. That distracted, giddy, young love will do that. But I could also tell that Victoria has chosen well and Mitchell is perfect for her! 

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