Kari and Chris, A Windmill Winery Wedding

         There's an interesting thing that happens in a relationship over time. Where opposites attract may have been the initial catalyst that drew them together, after awhile they became one. All couples that have been married for awhile understand this. But none of my brides and grooms have described their relationship in that way. Until now. And that's exactly how Chris described the relationship between him and Kari: "we were almost complete opposites, now we're almost the same." I know having a friendship as the basis of relationship will do that. But the moment that Kari truly knew Chris was the one for her came out of a family emergency. Kari's sister suffered a massive stroke. Chris didn't leave Kari's side. He stayed endless hours at the hospital and was the support she needed. And it didn't end there. Chris even helped with the care of her sister, Jenny. So it left not a dry eye in the room when Jenny, as the maid of honor, gave a speech at their wedding. But it was through that toast to the couple, that something as simple as Chris making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her could be done with such care and love. Her speech was epic. Their wedding at The Lake House at Windmill Winery was dreamy and Kari's champagne dress exquisite. Her bridesmaids took such care dressing her as she prepared for her First Look with her groom. Kari and Chris, it was my pleasure to be part of your day and leave with you the images that your great-granddaughter will see and know the love and friendship and commitment that was there on your first day as husband and wife.

Venue: Windmill Winery
Photographer: Andrea Brewster Photography
Make up Artist: Candace Robles
Hair: Robin Roul
Officiant: Montana Meadows 
Cake Artist: Gigi's Cupcakes
Catering: Mount Athos 
Videographer: J&P Video 
DJ: Ellagantent  
2nd Photographer: Sarah Beasley

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