Elegant Farmhouse Wedding Tables

     We have the best neighbors. Ever. The kind of neighbors that make you reconsider ever moving because you know you'll never find neighbors like them again. Meet Jeannie and Matt Boschma of Elegant Farmhouse Tables. It has been a dream of theirs for years to own a business together that plays to their strengths: her love of people and business and his talent with carpentry. This business plan has been on a slow simmer for a long time and it has been so fun watching and listening to their ideas and business grow! But today I am sooo excited to announce that they are officially accepting contracts for farmhouse table rentals for the Fall 2017 wedding season! In addition to guest tables, they also have adorable sweetheart, gift, and sign-in tables. Trivia: Did you know they had a custom branding iron made and each handcrafted, custom made piece is branded underneath? Besides checking out their brand spanking new website, Elegant Farmhouse Designs, go give them a follow on Instagram @elegant.farmhouse.designs. And now for the fun part. A styled shoot with one of their tables as the guest of honor. A huge thank you to the girls at The Paseo for letting us use their venue! 

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