Kristyn & Jonmark, A Rainy Engagement Session in the Woods

       I love all my brides. But this was one where I found myself prayingggg that they would choose me. Can I be real for a minute? I have never photographed anyone that has been in a wheelchair before. Lucky for me it was not a requirement on a list of "must have's" when I met with Kristyn about her wedding. Still keeping it real.... this is probably the session that I am most proud of in my career to this point, but not for the obvious reasons. The reason I am so proud of this work comes down to one word: trust. As mentioned before, I don't think Kristyn and Jonmark were looking for someone with "prior experience." What they were looking for was someone they knew they could trust. They wanted to go up north in the woods and give me the freedom to find and choose a location that would work for them, site unseen. That required a huge amount of trust on their part! But I did my homework kids and it paid off!  We had a little rain, a little sun, and the magic ensued! 

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These are absolutely spectacular!!! I LOVE them so much!

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