One Lucky Lady [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photographer]

             I received a call from a father who wanted to give his lady the perfect birthday gift. He told me he had looked through dozens of websites to choose a professional photographer. He asked about clothing, colors, styles, etc. He had done his homework! I can't even begin to tell you how touched I was that 1) he came up with idea and 2) that he spent so much time researching. I knew with an almost 3 year old it meant an organic session.... just capturing Chase in the environment. In other words... no posing. Most of my sessions are created using what I call "soft posing" or "simple direction." Here we just let Chase be Chase! I have so many favorites it was hard to pick! I hope his lady knows how lucky she is! 

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vmattaya said...

Absolutely beautiful. What a great present. What a nice guy. What a beautiful child. What a blessed lady you are. Happy Birthday.

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