Walking On Water, New Hampshire- part 1 [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photographer]

            I am waaaaay overdue for a post. And I'm waaaaay overdue for these next several posts in particular! And since it's so stinkin' hot here and everywhere around the country these days, I thought a post about snow would be more than welcome! I had originally started with the final images from our trip to NH. I'll back up a bit. I'm not quite sure how or why, but for some reason the very first thing we felt the urge to do was to go walk on water. The lake was frozen over and one of the unique things about this particular freeze was how quickly it froze over. When temperatures drop quickly and you get a fast freeze, you end up with black ice. In several parts where the lake hadn't been walked on, the ice was so perfectly clear you could see the plants straight down on the bottom! 

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