Shooting Snowflakes, New Hamphshire part 2 [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photographer]

             Can you really go to a land of plentiful hunting and not bring out the firepower? I think this is how I was woken up one morning. The snow was lightly falling. Peaceful. Except for the random shots that were being fired. Curiosity had me stumbling out in my pj's but before long I was asking when it was my turn. So yes, I am sharing some pictures of me.... in my pj's.

 Building the backstop.

Camera or gun, I always get my shot!

  Jonathan got a mild case of scope-itis.



Checking out the damage they've done. 

This one of my favorites. This is Ryan and I love how I was able to capture the muzzle flash.

At that point they decided to freeze water inside a 4 inch pvc pipe so they could shoot that too! 


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