California! -part1 [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

            So many songs come to mind while reminiscing about our trip to Cali! So here's the backstory: one of our boys is obsessed with pirates. Specifically, Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't just meant 'like'... more like 'obsessed'. Disney owns the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, (you can learn more about this super cool 1920's theatre here) and premier their movies at it. We thought how fun it would be to pilgrimage to LA for the full Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 experience. The theatre is only 1 screen and the whole place was decked out pirate style. Usually when we go to California, we are in the San Diego area. Without going to Disneyland, I really thought it was going to be difficult to try and make a full vacation out of LA. We had THE BEST TIME! 

Right in the middle of the stage was this:

Downstairs they have props from the movie set.

And no pilgrimage would have been complete without finding Johnny Depp's star!

What LA trip would be complete without spending a day at the Santa Monica pier!

On another day, we rented beach cruisers in Newport Beach. SO FUN!

                  It would have ended up being a huge post, so check back later this week for part 2!


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