California! -part2 [Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

            This was a pretty awesome day as well and I even earned the cool mom award on this one--I signed us up for surfing lessons from Learn to Surf! It was so hard to not just hang back on the beach and take a bazillion images. 

Heybabe in all his wetsuit finery!                

This is what made me cool with pictures to prove it! Even though I'm the only one who didn't get all the way up, my boys thought it was pretty awesome that I tried.... and tried.... and tried... 

    Christopher. How do they make it look so easy?!?!

    Ryan. This was the kid who not only rode the wave, but rode it all the way... to the sand... literally.

    This panel caught his reaction after riding it all the way in! How cute is that?!?!

    One of our instructors. 

    Andrew. Looked like he had been raised on a surfboard! 

          Even though all the boys got the technique figured out, they also all agreed that it was a lot harder than it looks. Surfers are not wimps! That's for sure. We have a new found respect for those dudes and dudettes:)

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