Family Found [Mesa, Gilbert Family Photographer]

             Finding family seems to be a theme these days, there was this aunt and niece  just on my last post. Remember this special guy? That is my Uncle Larry. His 7 year old great- granddaughter recently came to visit with her mom and grandma. The three ladies only have each other. No other family. Rhiannon is a brilliant little girl, Nicole is getting ready to start her Masters Degree in psychology, and Dale likes to dote on her granddaughter. They were so excited to come and meet a side of the family they never knew. They drove 20 hours straight through just to spend the weekend with us and then drive the 20 hours back, straight through again! They could care less that technically we are 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins... to them, they are excited just to have family. And after a quick weekend we feel like we have always known them! We are thrilled to call Dale, Nicole, and Rhiannon family!

 Love this one.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I just love that little girls smile!!!
Pam Arnaud

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