AZPPA Mock Wedding [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Wedding Photography]

            I know. Not my usual wedding post. Or any post for that matter. First I will explain the AZPPA part. AZPPA stands for Arizona Professional Photographers of America. They are a local chapter of... I bet you can guess: PPA, Professional Photographers of America. I promise that's the only question on today's quiz. 

          There is more to being a professional photographer than just pushing the shutter button. Shocking I know!  Really I only shoot about 10% of my time, the other 90% is all business. I'm not going to bother adding in one of those charts that breaks down a photographers life.... you've seen them- they're all over the place on Facebook. But suffice it to say, we do not live a rock star's kind of life! 

           One important aspect is continuing education. All areas in the career world have this. World Wide Web, it's no different here. There are a multitude of reasons to belong to a professional organization. I won't go into detail here, but if you are interested, contact me. Really really. 

            So onto the Mock Wedding part of this post. Disclaimer: this was not a real wedding, but you already knew that. This sweet couple had NO wedding pictures from their actual wedding 2 years before!! *Insert gasp here.* They had a friend who offered to do it for them and they lost the files or they became corrupted, *2nd gasp worthy*. I can't remember which, but I guarantee you whatever the reason, it didn't matter to the couple. All they knew was regret and a heart broken in a gazillion pieces. Soooo, AZPPA set up a mock wedding at Villa Siena and invited photographers from the organization the reenact the wedding. We worked on different parts of the wedding, but with several of us were able to cover an entire wedding day in two hours! This was pro bono work at it's best! 

  Be Happy!

5D Mark II
70-200 2.8L USM IS

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