Friday Files Vol 8: [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

            Happy Birthday Canon! I'm not talking about Canon cameras, I'm talking about our dog, although he was named after my camera! He was the most adorable-est puppy eh-vah!  His birthday was last week so I thought I would do a then and now tribute to our cute canine!  

The morning after we brought him home he made his photographic debut! Can you stand it!!

            He has been a great student of puppy learning! He was sleeping through the night after 1 week. He was fully potty trained at 1 month. By 9 months he had mastered: no, sit, lay down, leave it, rabbit (somehow his word for toy), stay, not to jump on people, go, drop it/let go, treat, go lay down (in his room), leaves shoes and socks alone, and most recently controlling his indoor voice (barking)! He loves a sunny spot and never seems to tire of playing. We think he will train well for his natural-born agility abilities! He knows when pool guy Jon shows up and likes hanging out with him. Dislikes: chaos and swimming in the pool. Have you ever seen a dog stressed out? Not a big fan of walks but loves to go run around the front yard and be chased. World Wide Web, you have never seen a dog run so fast and turn on a dime! Watching him will make you as dizzy as that ride from the Sandlot movie! His most favorite favorite favorite thing in the whole wide dog world are bully sticks!!! Don't ask me to tell you what they are, that's what Google's for! And it's the only time he becomes territorial. He just doesn't seem to get that we have no interest in his bully stick!! Next up... learning to become a fur-ocious pigeon hunter!

       Be Happy.

Happy Birthday, Canon-wanon, puppy-wuppy!!!


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