Prints vs Jpeg [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

        There's a lot of discussion these days about the print versus a CD- and everyone has an opinion. While we all have our reasons and preferences for one or the other, and since most of use are visual learners, I thought today would be best explained using, well.... pictures. Let's talk a little bit more about the print itself. There were processes before and after, but for today were just going to use the daguerreotype. Most of us know these as 'Civil War' images. The neat thing about them is...... we still have them! We've all seen them and they have been around for almost 200 years! I can't imagine learning about the Civil War minus those Brady and O'Sullivan images. 

        Fast forward. First, there were vinyl records, then 8 track, cassette, VHS, CD, laser, DVD, and so on. Throw the floppy disk in there too. Why do I mention this? Because how many of us could access all our images if they were all on floppy disk? Here's the concern: Right now we all want a CD of images (they come in what's called a Jpeg format). I worry about what might be down the road that could make Jpeg's obsolete. As a photographer, I don't worry about this because of the format I shoot in, but for the client that only wants the disk it could become problematic. Even the National Archives in DC recommend disks need to be re-saved after 5 years. This certainly isn't meant to scare anyone, and the CD certainly has it's place, but it helps us realize how important the print itself can be because you can't hang one of these:

       Recently I was at a client's home (who also happens to be good friends of ours), and it was a reminder of how awesome the photographic print hanging in your home can be. Besides, it looks waaaay better hanging on the wall!

         Here's the thing world wide web: we spend so much time and money decorating our homes, shouldn't the thing that is most precious to us be displayed for all to see?!! 

Be Happy, 

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