What To Wear - Oct [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

      I'm SUPER excited about my new monthly series!! One of the things I discuss with my clients beforehand is clothing. I feel having this discussion gives moms a starting point and can alleviate some of the stress in the 'what to wear' department. When families are wanting a family fine art piece hanging in their home, clothing becomes that much more important. I'm not taking about matchy matchy, but you want everyone to floooooow. Say it with me World Wide Web, floooooow. There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to make that happen, and we talk about them during the phone consult, but one of the best ways is to pick a piece of clothing that has multiple colors in it. This becomes your pallet. And... wall-ah!!! So here is October's What To Wear guide and I hope this helps! 

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