Friday Files Vol 10 [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

            Today I'm going to boast about my friend and photographer, Khara Plicanic (don't worry, I still have trouble pronouncing it.) She is from Lincoln, Nebraska and is one of the best wedding photographers in her area! I've been able to spend time with her twice here in Arizona and I love that a Nebraska girl thinks Arizona is cool enough to visit. But the coolest thing about Khara?... This past year her and her husband biked all the way across the country!! I'm not kidding World Wide Web, they biked from California to Florida and held photography workshops along the way. Who couldn't be impressed with that! Her next feat? Recently showing up in the pages of PPA magazine. (Remember what PPA stands for? I'll give you a hint: Professional Photographers of America.) Khara, you're awesome! Be sure to check out her website and leave her some blog love down below! 


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Jody Frost said...

That is impressive, especially when you can honestly say you are her friend. How cool is that?

I had met a mother/daughter biking across the US. The axle broke on their little trailer, and I happened along with a truck at the right time. Where I am going with this is, that they had more courage than I and I have done some pretty crazy things. :~D I enjoyed listening and viewing some of the photos of their adventures. What a unique opportunity to overcome your fear and simply get out there.

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