Mesquite Homecoming 2012 [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

         He. Made a t-shirt that said, "Maddy will you go to Homecoming with me?", and wore it to school all day! Gutsy. It's nice to see your son grow up with confidence minus cockiness. He gives me a million reasons to be proud of him. 

       Maddy. She said yeeeeees! But that was obvs! 

       They. Have known each other since Jr High. He was excited to go with a good friend. She was excited he was taller than her. So, these darling juniors did exactly what you're suppose to do: She gets the perfect dress and he dresses to compliment the ensemble, gold being the accent color. 

      The 'day date' started with ice skating with the 'getting ready' part following. The guys decided they would make dinner for the girls and then head to the dance afterwards. The night finished with an after-party at our house and some midnight swinging on the swings. 

     Well, world wide web, you should have known that I would micromanage the picture portion of the night! 

     Be Happy,

      Hello adorable!

                   How could he not ooze cool!

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Jody said...

Very impressive young couple. Beautiful and breath taking images. Thank you for sharing ...

Jani Huso said...

What a great tribute to your son and Maddy on film. I love your work! Jani

Loraine said...

Very cute! They look adorable! Your son is so stylish!

Ilenia said...

I love the way he posed!

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