Shae and Dallin, A Desert Engagement Session

       I knew from my first conversation with Shae that we were a good fit! And then I met Dallin. I typically like to use the engagement session to really get to know my couples and spend the time to ask all about them. But Dallin threw my game. He was constantly asking about ME. I left the session realizing the tables had been turned and I didn't get to find out about them as much as I usually do. I just shook my head as I drove home. So... be prepared you two! Shae wanted a no-fuss session, so we kept it simple with a desert location in Gilbert. She may have chosen it for it's simplicity, but there is nothing better than awesome desert light! The plan was for just a half-session but I easily got carried away and before I knew it we stopped... only because we ran out of light. But even then. As we were walking back to the car, the lights came on the sidewalk and I mentioned something about seeing if that lamp post would give us enough light for one more shot. And we got the final image out of that. And I have to mention one other thing. As we were shooting I would start to give Dallin some simple direction on what I wanted him to do. And he would immediately complete my thought by doing exactly what I wanted! I couldn't believe how easy he made it!! They are total rockstars!! And Shae's glitter heels? I died and went to shoe heaven. In my next life I will be able to rock the high heel! 

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