Heidi and Jamison, A Gilbert Temple Wedding

       A mutual friend introduced them and now they can call themselves high school sweethearts. She loved his whit. He loved her her easy going attitude. I have known Jamison's family for years. It's been my privilege to photograph the milestones: family pictures, high school graduation, becoming an Eagle Scout, a church mission. All those things that would lead him to this place in life. This moment. When Jamison knew she was the one, he went to the one person who he knew who would have the advice he needed. His dad. He gave him that advice, and a list of things that he needed to do if he wanted to marry Heidi. And Jamison got to work on that list. Quick. Before you knew it, he had completed every item on that list and he was asking Heidi to be his. Forever. Like your favorite old concert shirt, they have an easiness about them when they are together. No stress, no worry. Heidi never emailed me in panic mode. That easiness was felt on their wedding day. With no clouds and a high sun, Heidi and Jamison were married at the Gilbert Temple surrounded by all their family and friends. Afterwards, they continued the celebrations at the Viewpoint Golf Resort. You can tell what was important to Heidi. She spent most of the evening visiting with everyone that came to congratulate them. I don't even know if they are home from their honeymoon, but if not, then they get to enjoy seeing their wedding pictures on a cruise ship. Heidi and Jamison, it has been a pleasure to spend time with you and be your friend. I can't wait to see what the future holds. Whatever it is, may it include lots of sour gummy worms and sparkles! I hope you love seeing the images from when you became Mr. and Mrs. Buckhannon. 

Ceremony location: Gilbert LDS Temple
Reception location: Viewpoint Golf Resort
2nd Photographer: Annelise Jensen
Videographer: Perry at Picture Video

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