McKenna and Logan, A Payson AZ Engagement Session In The Woods

          Sometimes you just know. Even if you don't know that you know. Ya know? They worked together and that allowed them to have conversations. Real conversations. After they started dating, Logan noticed a distinct difference in his happiness in general. Simply thinking of her would lighten his mood and bring a sense of joy in the moment. To him, she was the closest thing to an angel as he had ever met. She was so full of good. And she knew too. She knew enough that she stayed home from college and transferred locally. She knew he was a gentleman, a genuinely loving and hardworking person. They love the outdoors, but even more, McKenna has a love for the woods. So to head north to Payson for their engagement session not only made perfect sense, I couldn't have imaged it anywhere else. This off the road area at Christopher Creek was perfection. It was everything we envisioned: pine trees, creek, and glow-y sunlight. All sprinkled with a perfect love. And Logan... thank you for humoring me when I screamed "STOP" on the way home because I found a perfect sunset spot. I knew the spot was perfect. And sometimes you just know.  

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