Francisca and Rob, A Winter Sedona Engagement Session at West Fork

      It's not what either of them expected to find. She's here visiting from Chile and he was focused on work and school plans. But she walked in to church with friends and there he was. He was talking about technology, and even though that didn't impress this english teacher from Chile, he looked so friendly and she loved his smile. He looked up at her and asked, "How do I get a latin girl to fall in love with me?" And that was it. Getting to know Francisca and Rob, it was obvious they are making each other a priority, navigating the challenges and growing together. I loved our time at West Fork in Sedona for their "Arizona winter" engagement session. Even that day we were navigating.... weather. What started with cloudy skies turned into snow/freezing rain turned into sun peeking through. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we navigated ourselves to Jerome and were treated to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants! I can't wait to see how they blend their two cultures at their wedding this spring!! 

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