Painted Ladies [Mesa, Gilbert Professional Photography]

        It's not all work and no play! But let me share the conditions where we were playing: It had been a comfortable 115º that day. As I rounded the mountain towards Fountain Hills, a 5 minute downpour brought the temp to an envious 87º. The thing about these quick downpours is they don't really cool things down. It tricks you into doing that closed eyes with a deep breath and then a sigh kind of thing. Sorta like when you're at the beach and you just want to soak it all in. I got tricked. We were shooting in a wash. Not a normal wash. This one had pretty steep, sandy walls with a massive amount of scrub brush. I had worn my flip flops thinking it was going to be one of those nice and wide and evenly sloped and maintained because it's fairly close to the city and the city wants it look maintained kind of washes. It was definitely not the flip flop kind of wash. Moving on... the rain ended and the temperature quickly climbed back up as fast as a monkey racing for the last banana. But the humidity hung around. And then it hit- the wash was a low enough down that there was no air movement. Let me say that again in case you didn't catch me spreading my hands out by my head with crazy eyes... there was no air movement!!! It was suffocating. We had to have the models rotate pretty quick for breaks to cool down. Not the photographers. The thing about photographers is they won't stop. They'll do anything for the shot and I mean anything! It's completely gross to look like you jumped in the pool with your clothes on kind of sweat. Tawny from Arte Del Amor created the painted art for our models. Not sure how she did it, but the paint never slid down our models faces. She's just awesome that way. Shall we move on to the images? Just make sure you scroll all the way down to see my most favorite-ist image!

 This was a conceptual idea by Robin. When I asked her about the idea she said, "I grew up watching horror movies!"

My interpretation.

 Ever wonder what a shoot looks likes behind the scenes? Glamourous eh? If you look close you'll see the fan we dragged out for the girls. This lovely pair of images are featuring Crissy and Melinda. See that red cooler in the bottom image? It was full of water. When we left it was pretty easy to carry because it was empty!

 This shot was a little more on the complicated side. It was pitch black out. We used a flashlight to get our autofocus. Then, without moving we switched it to manual focus. The reason for this is as soon as you turn off the flashlight, the auto focus tries to refocus and can't. But it was sooo dark that you can't get your manual focus either. We had a strobe connected on a battery pack and used a large diffuser panel in front of it. Wish I had a behind the scenes shot of this image for you. Right after this we packed up and got out of there. We could hear the coyotes coming.

You made it to the end! And now, my favorite-ist image of the night:


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I love that last picture! beautiful!

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Loved this set! So beautiful!

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